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Areas of Expertise

Anxiety and Depression

If you're struggling with anxiety or depression, I am here to help. I provide guidance and strategies to help you better understand and manage these conditions. Together, we will identify patterns and develop effective coping mechanisms. Through evidence-based techniques, I will support you in reducing anxiety symptoms, alleviating depressive feelings, and regaining a greater sense of control and well-being.

Romantic and Familial Relationships

Navigating romantic and familial relationships can be challenging, and I am here to assist you in fostering healthier connections. Whether you're experiencing difficulties in your partnership, family dynamics, or friendships, I can provide guidance and tools to improve communication, set boundaries, manage conflicts, and cultivate more fulfilling relationships. Together, we will explore patterns, enhance empathy, and develop strategies to create more harmonious and meaningful connections.

Emotion Regulation 

Emotion regulation is a crucial skill for overall well-being, and I help individuals develop effective emotion regulation strategies. I will assist you in understanding and managing your emotions in a healthy and balanced way. We will explore techniques to increase emotional awareness, identify triggers, and develop coping mechanisms that promote emotional resilience and well-being. By enhancing your ability to regulate emotions, you can experience greater stability, improved self-care, and enhanced relationships.

My Approach

My Approach

My approach is rooted in a holistic, strength-based, and emotion-focused perspective. I am dedicated to providing a supportive and empowering environment where you can embark on a transformative journey towards improved well-being.

I believe that your well-being is influenced by various interconnected aspects of your life, including your thoughts, emotions, behaviors, relationships, and physical health. By considering these dimensions together, we can create a comprehensive plan that addresses your overall well-being. Through exploration and guidance, we will uncover how different areas of your life impact your mental health, empowering you to make positive changes and achieve balance.

I recognize the unique strengths, abilities, and resilience that reside within you. Together, we will focus on identifying and leveraging these strengths to overcome challenges. By building upon your existing resources and empowering you to tap into your innate potential, we will cultivate a greater sense of self-confidence, self-compassion, and personal growth. This strength-based approach will serve as a solid foundation for your journey towards positive change.

Emotions play a significant role in our well-being, and I place a strong emphasis on understanding and regulating emotions effectively. I will help you develop emotional awareness and navigate difficult feelings with compassion. By using evidence-based techniques and practices, such as mindfulness, emotional regulation strategies, and self-reflection, we will work together to enhance your emotional well-being and develop healthy coping mechanisms.

As your mental wellness coach, I will actively listen, validate your experiences, and offer guidance without judgment. Together, we will co-create a safe space for exploration and growth, where you can freely express yourself and work towards the positive changes you desire.

Client Reviews

"It was fantastic! Blakely is always so welcoming. I appreciate her attention to detail and thoughtfulness when it comes to addressing topics of our conversations. The thing I am most impressed with, is the way she’s able to pick apart the supporting causes of what’s concerning me and unravel those smaller variables first. This is significant to me because, rather than addressing the larger concern at hand, we’re able to break it down and start from the ground up. This approach is much more viable, when it comes to me personally. So thank you!"


During our one-on-one virtual sessions, we will have dedicated time to focus on your unique needs, challenges, and goals. These sessions provide a confidential and supportive environment where you can openly express yourself and explore various aspects of your mental health and well-being. Through active listening, empathy, and thoughtful questioning, I will help you gain insights, identify patterns, and develop strategies to overcome obstacles and improve your overall mental well-being. Each session will be tailored to your specific needs and goals, empowering you to make positive changes in your life.

In addition to our one-on-one virtual sessions, I provide access to a shared journal space where we can communicate between sessions. This online journal acts as a secure platform for us to exchange thoughts, reflections, and updates. You can use this space to share your progress, ask questions, or discuss any topics that arise between our sessions. It offers a convenient and continuous way to maintain our connection, receive ongoing support, and deepen your self-awareness. I will regularly check and respond to your journal entries, providing guidance, feedback, and encouragement to help you stay on track with your goals.

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